Missing from Victoria, B.C. Canada since Nov. 28, 2012

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Emma's Physical Description

  • Age: 26 (at time of disappearance) but looks 18-20
  • Height: 5'5
  • Weight: 90-110 lbs
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Light brown with blonde highlightsand very long (past waist). It could be braided into pigtails, or up in a bun. She likes to wear knitted hats
  • Striking features: Her laugh / smile, her tan complexion, her unusually long hair
  • Tattoos: None
  • Piercings: None. Has had ears pierced in the past
  • Necklace/jewellery: Unknown

Emma's Habits and Interests

  • Visited Central library almost daily
  • She loves animals and children. May have taken care of an elderly woman at one time. Known to be a very giving person.
  • Known to have spent hours talking to the homeless.
  • Very artistic, dreamy, sensitive
  • Shy, quiet temperament
  • Loves the outdoors (camping, walking, parks, ocean, etc.)
  • Would rather spend time in the forest than a club. Would rather read a book than watch TV
  • Vegan; possible eating disorder
  • Wears dresses. Has been seen wearing camouflage pants and carrying an orange purse

Facts of Emma's Disappearance

  • Emma was last seen in the immediate vicinity of the Empress hotel between 7:30-8:30 on November 28th 2012
  • Her red Mazda MPV 1...993 van was found in the Chateau Victoria parking lot with almost all her belongings in it, including her passport, library card, digital camera, clothes, a pillow, assorted ornaments, laptop, and recently-borrowed library books. It is believed she used the van as storage
  • In emotional distress; fragile and vulnerable
  • No involvement with drugs or alcohol
  • Not living on the street.
  • No criminal record
  • No prior history of vanishing

Map of location Emma was last seen on the night she went missing