Documentary hopes to spark new leads in 2012 disappearance of Emma Fillipoff

Press Release – November 2019

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Documentary hopes to spark new leads in 2012 disappearance of Emma Fillipoff

Nov. 28 will mark the 7th anniversary of the disappearance of 26-year-old Emma Fillipoff, who was last seen walking barefoot, disoriented and distraught in downtown Victoria, BC.

A new feature length documentary about Emma's mysterious disappearance is hoping to spark new leads in the case.

Good Luck Everyheart: The Search for Emma Fillipoff” is co-produced by Kimberly Bordage and Frank Orlando (Bayberry Films). The film will chronicle Emma's 2012 disappearance, and the ensuing police and volunteer searches. It will include interviews with family, friends, law enforcement, volunteer searchers and more. (IMDb)

Emma's mother, Shelley Fillipoff, hopes the film will keep Emma's story alive and possibly generate some new leads.

“It is my hope that this film will revive interest in Emma's case, and that with this renewed interest, someone may very well come forward,” Fillipoff said. “It's imperative that Emma's unsolved disappearance be kept in the public eye as it may very well be the only hope of finding my daughter.”

Over the past four years, Filmmaker and missing persons advocate, Kimberly Bordage, who lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, has been steadily working alongside Shelley Fillipoff in the search for her daughter.

“The relationship we have carved out over the years gives me great comfort,” Fillipoff said. “Kimberly and Frank have spent years dedicating their time and energy to finding Emma, and I feel secure in the knowledge that they will produce a sensitive, in-depth film about Emma's life and disappearance.”

Last fall, Bordage released a short film for the 6-year anniversary which featured Shelley Fillipoff's poetry for Emma, entitled November (video). She also produced a podcast,The Search For Emma Fillipoff (podcast), in conjunction with a renewed search campaign, which revealed new information and included interviews with Shelley and a new witness who came forward in the summer of 2018. The 3-day canine search was organized and documented by Bordage, who traveled to Victoria last December with reputable search dog handler, Kim Cooper. The search didn't reveal anything new, but it did rule out certain locations and kept Emma's case in the public eye.

"This kind of ambiguous loss is agonizing and Emma's family and friends need answers,” Bordage said. “It's our hope that a new feature length documentary, highlighting the ongoing search for Emma, and the impact her disappearance has had on her loved ones, will reach an even broader audience and hopefully bring in the lead that is so desperately needed."

Emma had displayed erratic and paranoid behaviour in the days leading up to her disappearance, and called her mother in Ontario several times asking her to fly out and help her return home to Perth, only to follow up with another call asking her to cancel the trip. Shelley finally took the first flight out to Victoria once she learned Emma had been staying at a women's shelter, but by the time she arrived, Emma had already vanished.

The last known acquaintance to see Emma was so concerned about her that he called 9-1-1 and waited until police located her walking barefoot across from the Empress Hotel. Two officers spoke with her for 45 minutes. "After assuring her well-being, Emma was allowed to continue on her way," Police explained in a statement following her disappearance.

Shelley Fillipoff cannot believe that it has been 7 years since Emma disappeared, even though she has felt every second of it. “It has been a living nightmare for my family,” Fillipoff said. “We have been through hell not knowing whether Emma is even alive. Now, more than ever, I believe that someone knows something.”

Fillipoff says she is very pleased by the Victoria Police Department's decision to actively participate in the production of this documentary. “I feel that it demonstrates a real desire to be accountable and a willingness to do whatever they can to assist in locating my daughter.”

"Good Luck Everyheart: The Search for Emma Fillipoff" is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2020.


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