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Find Emma Fillipoff

Searching for Emma Fillipoff - missing from Victoria, B.C. Canada since November 28, 2012. Please share our posts, join us on facebook and share our website

The Wanderer

Written for Emma, April 28, 2015

The Wanderer

The sun rises

above the mountain tops

under an Andalusian sky

The long lonely night

watching stars fall into the sea

has come to an end for one more day

Believing in tomorrow

Never truly forgetting yesterday

Forever following my dreams

I float above the land

as unique as the clouds

as sure as my soul reflects the glow

I know where I am

I know I am lost

In distant places I ache to be found

But my need to be free

will never let me be

I have walked barren land

where no feet have tread before me

my heart beats beneath each step I take

across the silent sand

wind passing through my fingertips

reminding me of my existence here

alone and lost

Posted 213 weeks ago